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April 2019:

Book Club Read: This month we are reading ‘Dark Horse’ by Todd Rose. The book is a book about success, but it reverse engineers the success journey, to begin with the end in mind. Normally we think of traditional journeys to success: grind it out, get promoted, get small raises, acquire wealth, retire and die with money–and just hope along the way that we actually enjoy what we’re doing. Todd helps us start with fulfillment and joy as the goal, and takes us on the ride to work backwards from there, to see that journeys don’t always need to be linear, predictable and/or traditional. Go ahead and give it a read and see what you think!

Archived months:

Month #1 – Branding + Messaging

Month #2 – Email marketing + market research

Month #3 – Lead magnets + email subscribers

Month #4 – Digital product development

Month #5 – Intro to Marketing + Sales

Month #6 – Marketing with FB ads, IG Challenges + webinars

Month #7 – How to use beta testing to increase sales + IG growth and DM hacks

Month #8 – Intro to Affiliate Marketing, Getting Your Mind Right for Sales + #treadLIFT debrief

Month #9 – Podcasting + How to Host and Market Live Events

Month #10 – Selling, Continuity Memberships + Hosting an Affiliate Launch

Month #11 – Automated webinars, Intro to YouTube + How-to Certifications

Month #12 – Mindset, the New Year and Planning Your Goals for 2019

January 2019 – Attraction Marketing 1:1 Lead Generation and Instagram for 2019

February 2019 – How to Sell in Your DMs and using monthly live webinars to sell into continuity

March 2019 – Mindset Month: The energetics of sales and overcoming limiting beliefs 


Your to-do’s for April 2019:


1) Get your automated sales funnel created!

This is about creating the infrastructure to bring someone from potentially a cold lead (via Facebook or IG ads) to download a freebie and then eventually purchase an up-sell.

The infrastructure includes:

  • Freebie that people who maybe don’t know you yet might actually want (low-hanging fruit)
  • Landing page for the freebie
  • Thank you page for the freebie + CTA
  • Email nurturing sequence which includes a CTA to apply to work with you OR an up-sell into a DIY (see below)

If you have created a nurturing sequence already, start with adding a revenant sell to it. It can be a CTA to apply to coach with you 1:1 or it can be a link to a sales page for a lower ticket ($47-97) DIY program.

If you have not created a nurturing sequence, here’s how you do it.

Once you have the actual infrastructure in place, you can start sending organic traffic (from social media) there, and eventually send people there via ads.

Watch: Craft Your Nurture Sequence


2) The Niche + Pitch Exercise

This new tutorial is one I recently rolled out at my live mastermind event, and I created it to help us REALLY home in on who exactly we are working with and the transformation we’re facilitating. But not only that, we need to ALSO know who we are NOT working with, and also what we are NOT helping with.

This helps with clarifying for the potential customer if you are for them (or not), and what you’re able to confidently deliver (or not). When those things are crystal clear, the value is clearly evident and the sale becomes easy.

Watch the training HERE.

3) Increasing Inclusion Practices in Your Business

This month, I am pumped to be hosting a GUEST training with one of my fav coaches and JillFit Mastermind alum, Chrissy King of Chrissy King Fitness. Chrissy works with both “regular people” (non-pros) to help them overcome body image struggles and get stronger in the gym, as well as health/fitness pros who want to engage in inclusion and diversity practices in their business. Chrissy’s work in the area of social justice and liberation activism has been growing and her impact on her fellow pros has been more than positive.

Chrissy is going to be talking about exact strategies to start making *everyone* feel welcome in your programs, and how we all might be able to address even our own innate biases and internal dialogue around racism, sexism and other forms of societal oppression. Chrissy’s accessibility, circumspect perspective and experience in this arena, talking to so many business owners and people in non-marginalized groups, is why I knew she’d be the perfect person to facilitate this discussion.

The live training will be Monday April 22nd at 8pm EST/5pm PST.

Register for live training here.


Live trainings on the calendar:

  • Live Interview with Keri Mantie, online coach and KB expert – Keri has been a member of BOY and/or my business mastermind for years and she is killing it with her 1:1 coaching launches. I asked her to come on and reverse engineer her process, and break it all down for us – Tuesday April 16th – Listen here
  • Live Workshop with Chrissy King, social justice and liberation expert who’s going to be speaking on tactical ways to help more people feel included in your programs and services, specifically those in marginalized groups – Can’t wait for this one! – Monday April 22nd – Watch here