Jill’s Best of You Coaching Club – Education Only Option


Jill’s Best of You Coaching Club Mentorship

What is the Best of You Coaching Club?

Short back-story: After years of spinning my wheels both in my business and with my physique, I took a risk and hired my first business coach to help me hone my mindset, take action where I was flailing and automate my physique so that I wasn’t mentally drained by trying to work you and eat clean constantly. It was after engaging in a series of my own mentorships and coaching, that I felt driven to provide something similar for women who were just like me. Motivated but at a crossroads and not sure what the next step should be.

My Best of You Coaching Club is an 11-month mentorship to work closely with me in the areas of mindset, physique and business. Admittance is by application only (details below). I only launch once a year because I want to work with a small, intimate group of women who want to take their life to the next level, in all areas. The women I am looking to work with are driven, enthusiastic and hungry, but might be at a crossroads either in their career or their personal life (as I was) and need guidance to take the next steps, and shortcuts to avoid spinning their wheels.

If you feel like you need support, accountability and the know-how to take your mindset, business and physique to the next level, than this is the program for you 🙂 This is a life-changing, game-changing, mind-changing opportunity. I’m looking to work with women who want to go all in!

Special limited time opportunity (40% off): $1197 $697

The 2015 class enrollment is currently closed, and the 2016 enrollment will open November 30, 2015, BUT for a limited time I am opening up an 11-month education-only option, which includes access to the Best of You Education portal and the 11-month curriculum. All the benefits listed below EXCEPT the in-person events, coaching phone calls and closed Facebook community. This education-only option is DIY. 

Email me if you have questions! Upon purchase, you will be added to the program via email within 24 hours. 

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 Who is BOY Club for?

  • Women who have a desire to create something important, make an impact and make money following their passion
  • Those who are driven and determined, but might not know the next steps
  • Anyone who has a passion to take their physique, mindset and/or business to the next level in 2014 and is ready to take action
  • Those who need accountability and guidance from someone who’s been there, done that, and can provide the shortcuts
  • Women who are open to new ways of thinking and ultimately want to better themselves and are committed to personal development
  • Those who have a passion for health, fitness or nutrition (you don’t have to have a business already though!)
  • Even if you are in currently working a 9-to-5 or are in the corporate world, if you want to delve somehow into health & fitness but don’t know where to start (you don’t have to know what it’s going to look like!)

Who is BOY Club NOT for?

  • Women who are not willing or able to take massive action to make a change in their personal and professional lives
  • Those whose #1 goal is physique-oriented. This is not a weight loss program — our #1 goal is to get your physique efforts automated so that the time and mental energy you spend on it is minimized, or order to devote time and energy to the business, relationships and recharge time.
  • Those who are closed off to self-growth and development, and think they already “got it” or are unwilling to do the deep introspective work required to get better, learn and grow
  • Women who don’t care about health and fitness in some way (this mentorship helps those interested make an impact in this area–but you don’t need to be actively working in the health & fitness industry currently)
  • Those who cannot commit to investing in their future, whether emotionally, time-wise or financially. You get out of the program what you put in. The more time and effort you give it, the bigger the returns.


What can you expect to accomplish as a result of being in BOY Club?

  • A greater knowledge of yourself, your passions and the path to make them a reality
  • A solid “success mindset”–this in invaluable in terms of navigating the waters whether in business, personal relationships or physique development. This piece teaches perspective and is lasting.
  • Knowledge of the latest tools and techniques for how to take your business online, including the actual software programs and how to implement them
  • If you put in the time and work to the program, you can expect to be making passive income online within a year
  • A greater awareness of your body, unique metabolism and tactics for how to automate your physique so that you can clean your mental clutter and dedicate time to your business and other things that are important to you
  • Rewarding friendships with like-minded women that will last forever, and business partnerships and colleagues moving forward (a lot of our alumni engage in cross-promotion and affiliate marketing as peers to help each other’s businesses grow)
  • Lots of virtual face time with Jill 🙂 and an in-depth look into the exact tools and tactics that JillFit and Metabolic Effect have used over the last 9 years to become internationally-successful health & fitness companies

What material will BOY Club cover?


Membership Benefits:

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What kind of results have women got in the past in BOY Club?


Lori Musselman spent years doing “the fitness hustle” teaching a million fitness classes and personal training at a box gym, making little money. In 2013, she finally realized her dream of starting her own bootcamp and has been growing it over the last 6 months, creating her own hours, building something she loves and is 100% her own:


Erika Nall is a full-time fat loss coach with Metabolic Effect and has recently launched her online habit change online program at erikanall.com, where she works with dozen of women at a distance year-round:


Kate Horney founded her Bikini Boot Camp in May 2012, and grew it to over 30 monthly boot campers within 5 months. She also was able to quit her full-time job to pursue her passion in fitness, working from home, with a newborn, and has since launched a bestseller on Kindle and built a successful continuity membership and brand with Momsanity. 

Dr. Amber Golshani, a naturopathic physician is on her way to taking her business in the clinic online, and positioning herself as the Fatigue Doc in the online space with the goal of traveling and working anywhere in the world by next year: 


Questions? Email me!