Getting Started:

  • Watch the video above!
  • Request to join the correct closed Facebook coaching group:
  • Click on the BOY Overview tab above and read the entire thing to get a lay out of what’s happening and how to get your mind right for this process
  • Go to the Current tab (you always have to click on the actual words “Current”) above to check out what’s happening this month. This page will be updated every 2nd of the month with the new content for that month
    • 1) Check out the Plan/Overview for the month so you know what we’re focusing on
    • 2) Read the ebook (under Extras and in the Ebooks section)
    • 3) Watch any relevant trainings listed
    • 4) Read your monthly book club read – if you are a full BOY member, the January book is being snail mailed to you by Jill this week, so be on the lookout!
    • 5) Go through the extras at your leisure, listening to archived interviews and combing through the resources
  • If you are an Inner Circle member, schedule your coaching calls with Jill (you should have received an email with the details on how to do this–if you didn’t, email Sara at info@jillfit.com)
  • On the 2nd of each month, you will gain access to the next month’s overview, trainings and content!

At any time, if you have logistical questions, scheduling questions, etc, please email my assistant Sara at info@jillfit.com!