[#ActionAcademy] Week 2 – Expectation Management + Solutions

#ActionAcademy Week 2 – Expectation Management + Solutions

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Week 1 Training

Resources mentioned during the call:

Book – ‘Find Your Writing Voice’ by Chris Brogan

Book – ‘The As If Principle’ by Richard Wiseman

Book – ‘The Obstacle is the Way’ by Ryan Holiday

An example of how to reach out to a friend/family member/acquaintance for your market research:

“Hey girl! I hope you’re doing well 😉 I have a bit of an odd request, but I am currently enrolled in a course that’s helping me start/learn to grow my online health & fitness business, and one of the things I am doing this week is gathering responses from people about what they struggle with when it comes to fitness or nutrition, collecting market research. So, not to put you on the spot, but if you have 30 seconds, would you mind responding with something that is a struggle for you, or something that might be confusing for you when it comes to getting the results you want? I won’t be mentioning your name or anything like that, this is just for research! You are one in a group of women I’m asking. Let me know, it would mean the world to me! Thank you! Xo”