{Archive} Month #3 – To Do

March 2018:

Book Club Read: ‘Originals’ by Adam Grant – how to be creative and how to be an independent thinker. Lots of good stuff on pivoting from the noise, following your intuition and learning how to think independently to create more interesting content and innovative products and services.


This month in BOY Club is again, about being consistent with content (#CCC):

  • Posting on FB and/or IG once a day
  • “Epic” piece of content once a week (blog, vlog, FB Live, podcast)
  • Sending an email to your subscribers once a week
  • Ask on social media for people to sign up for your email list (CTA) every ~7-10 days

Consistent content lets people know who you are and what you stand for. How can they come to know, like and trust you if you don’t TELL THEM.

In addition, we are going to be analyzing our market research. We’ve asked our people (if you didn’t watch the Market Research tutorial, you can do that here), and now we have a whole bunch of data. I want you to begin batching your data into “themes” – what is coming up more than once? What struggles are you seeing more frequently? What words are people using again and again? Pare all of the responses down to A MAX OF 3 STRUGGLES, lumped together. This is a great place to create your/next freebie from and eventual products/programs.

Your to-do’s this month:

1) Create your freebie or “lead magnet”:

What are people needing help with? And then, how will you deliver it? PDF download? Webinar? Challenge? E-course? etc. If you have specific questions on how to create/deliver your freebie based on your market research, please ask on the Facebook page and we can tease it out.

2) Once you write/create your freebie, you need to PROMOTE it using the 10-day Freebie Promo Blitz Formula.

You don’t just share it once on social media and assume if it doesn’t get any traction, that it sucks. You have to actually promote it, just as if you were promoting a for-pay program. We do this via the 10-day Freebie Promo Blitz Campaign: 10 Day Freebie Blitz Campaign

3) We’re starting to learn about how to market stuff!

This month’s tutorial walks us through how to start TALKING ABOUT THINGS IN A COMPELLING WAY. So many times I see people not building the value of something enough so that someone will care to take action. Marketing is just providing a contextual argument for why something is valuable. I go through some of the nuts and bolts of marketing for landing pages (sign up form for your freebie) and sales pages. Watch tutorial here.

4) Experimenting with Facebook groups:

Facebook groups can be a powerful tool for both market research for your ideal client and/or your peers, and also a way to jump into the discussion to add value and potentially connect with customers. I outline all of the best strategies in the latest FB Tutorial.

I suggest first joining 3-5 groups where your target audience is hanging out. This way, you can connect, add value, see what the climate of the struggles are and then use them to create content/freebies.
If you eventually decide to start your own free FB group, you have to know that even though engagement is typically higher in them than in FB business pages, it’s still a long game of connection, trust-building and value adding.


And in the meantime, content, content, content. GIVE AWAY THE BEST VALUE AND BE OPEN AND HONEST. I want your people to know you and trust you before you ask them for anything. You can have the best program on earth but if no one trusts you, they won’t invest. Remember, people don’t by the program, they buy YOU!

This month’s relevant trainings:

10 Day Freebie Blitz Campaign
How-To Write Marketing Copy on Landing Pages and Sales Pages
Audio lesson: Get Your Mind Right for Sales and How to Own Your Worth


Additional live trainings on the calendar:

  • What’s Happening in March – Thursday March 8th – Watch here (Get the slides here)
  • Live Interview with Kathrin Zenkina, aka the Manifestation Babe (@manifestationbabe), on how to attract money, success and clients into your life! – Tuesday March 13th – Listen here
  • Live Workshop: How to Generate 1:1 Client Coaching Sales – Tuesday March 20th – Watch here (download slides for exact scripts)
  • Open Q&A for March – Tuesday March 27th – Listen here (we talk about how to increase engagement in closed FB groups!)